On a mission of improvement

Authorised NoroGard technicians

NoroGard has a long-lasting relationship with Swedish agriculture cooperative Lantmännen that goes back decades. And lately we have initiated a a project of improvement. Throughout a number of segments, we recondition their dosing systems to keep them up to date with the high capacities and treatment amounts that Lantmännen faces. This is a project operated by our CTO Jesper Rosendahl, along with Mike and Roger at Lantmännen in Skänninge (mid Sweden). Yesterday, Jesper drove up for another visit to further work on the project that helps Lantmännen keep up their production without downtime, get as much as possible out of their NoroGard equipment, and increase the lifetime of the seed treater. The fact we are building stronger relations too, can only be viewed as a bonus! 

The seed plant in Skänninge is one of the top performing seed plants in Sweden, and treats up to 260 ton seed per day during intense periods. Leading up to fall and spring seasons, Lantmännen Skänninge treats approximately 1.000 tons of seed through NoroGard seed treaters each week. To then be distributed to farmers all over the country. This means we are very proud of the relations that has been established with Mike and Roger, and we are happy to see our NoroGard seed treaters at such high performing seed plants! 

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