NoroGard R7 Continuous Seed Coating

NoroGard R7 Continuous Seed Coating
NoroGard R7 Continuous Seed Coating.

Coating Capacity: 3-7 tons per hour.

The NoroGard R7 provides sophisticated seed treatment suitable for a wide range of seeds. The R7 can be customized to fit your specific coating needs for good economy and with quality application. The continuous seed treater is designed to provide easy operation and cleaning with all treatment taking place within a closed system. 

The NoroGard Continuous Seed Treaters are recommended for production of volume seeds. The treaters has an even flow of both seeds and the treating liquids that is continuously measured. The NoroGard R7 Continuous Seed Treater is suitable for small and mid sized plants with its variable capacity of up to 7 tons of seed per hour and dosing rates from 100 ml to 2,4 litres per 100kg seed.

The compact and reliable construction of the R7 Continuous Seed Treater supports accurate application of treating liquid and/or powder with an easy dosage calibration within a closed system. It is also easy to operate and provides quick and easy cleaning.

The seed is fed through an intake and into a seed metering wheel that measures the volume of the seed into 12 pockets, this way you will always have an exact measurement of volume seed fed into the machine. The seed then goes on into the application zone where the treating liquid is applied in a mist to finish in the mixing tube with a gentle post-mixing process.

The Continuous Seed Treaters Meets the Requirements for:

• Correct Dosage Rate

• High Application Quality

• Easy to Operate and Clean

• Operator Safety

• Reliability

• High Quality

• Minimal Service Needed

The NoroGard R7 provides an option between standard dosage system or a high dosage rate system where the machine can operate either with one system separate or with two at the time. The calibration and/or checking of the dosage rate takes place within a closed system of which seed or treatment does not pass through. The R7 Continuous Seed Treater is also equipped with a supervision and security system that stops the machine if the seed flow is interrupted, and automatically starts back up when the seed flow returns. Same goes if there is not enough treating liquid to provide an accurage dosage.

The R7 is approved for the European CE workers safety standard.


• Standard Dosage System (STRD) with capacity of operating 100-600 ml/100kg.

• High Dosage Rate (HRD) System with capacity of operating 500-2200 ml/100kg. The machine can operate with one system separate or two at the same time.

• Module for powder dosage. Including extra mixer, powder feeders and control system.

• Pre-hopper with capacity of 100 litre.

• Additional pre-hopper with capacity of 280 litre.

• Double bagging unit.

• Lance with filter.

• Second mixing tube.