NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Coating and Pelleting

Norogard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater.

Batch Size: 0,3-3,0 Liter.

The NoroGard R300 is a laboratory seed treater with complex design for treatment of a wide range of products and seeds in batches up to 3 liter. The R300 stands for an easily operated treater equipped to meet your specific needs for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting.

NoroGard R300 is a laboratory seed treater designed for complex treatments to meet high demands regarding application quality, reliability, operator safety and economy. A sophisticated treater for use in the laboratory on a wide variety of applications. Equipped to meet your needs for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting. The R300 is ideally suited to defining production parameters prior to production.

The R300 is equipped with independent variable speed on rotor and spinning disc. The stator on the R300 is of stainless steel and can be taken off to make cleaning easy. The coated product is discharged via a pneumatic horizontal outlet hatch.

R300 is a laboratory seed treater designed for treating a wide range of seeds with a range of products, formulated as liquids, powders, flowables, slurries, gels, etc. It treats in batches up to 3000 ml. The application time varies depending on the amount of product that is to be applied and the type of seed to be treated. The seed treater is driven by two belts and the hatch opening time is controlled by pneumatic air.

The R300 is approved for the European CE workers safety standard.

“Sejet Plantbreeding invested 2015/2016 in a brand new modern seed test laboratory. Here we produce seed trials for new barley varieties for the European market.

Ahead of this investment of renewal and modernisation we among other things looked for a modern and sophisticated new seed treater.

We had a long list of requirements and wishes. We got good recommendations regarding NoroGard, so we chose a NoroGard R300 Laboratory seed treater.

The NoroGard treater instantly turned out from its best side:

  1. R300 is  fast in the workflow.
  2. R300 is very easy to operate.
  3. R300 applies the treatment really well and uniform.
  4. R300 works quietly.
  5. R300 has with it´s excellent air suction solved all our previous dust issues.
  6. R300 with pneumatisk outlet hatch gives you free hands to operate during your whole process.

NoroGard has provided us with really good service. They are very open, responsive, constructive and flexible to our requirements regarding the customisation of our seed treater at Sejet Plantbreeding.

Sejet Plantbreeding can in every way recommend NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater.”

Søren Houmann

Technician, Barley, Sejet Plantbreeding, Denmark - 20160630